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5 Tips for a Pet-Friendly July Fourth

July Fourth is a time for backyard barbecues, fireworks, and celebrations with friends and family. However, this festive holiday isn’t quite as fun for your pet. Independence day can be a scary and dangerous time for your four-legged friend. Many pets are frightened by fireworks’ loud noises and bright lights, and the abundance of delicious [...]

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6 Myths About Itchiness in Pets

Occasional chewing, itching, and scratching are normal in pets, but if your four-legged friend is incessantly exhibiting these behaviors, they may be suffering from pruritus (i.e., itching) and an underlying medical condition for which they should receive treatment. If your pet is always scratching, you may feel concerned knowing they feel miserable, but also because [...]

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A Pet-Safe Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is about spending time with family, including your four-legged family members. You may be tempted to share the Thanksgiving feast with your pet—it is a family dinner, after all—but not all the fixings are safe for your pet. Fortunately, you can make many pet-friendly alternatives and let your pet have a feast of their [...]

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Trick or Treat: 4 Treats That Will Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

Halloween is the best time of year to play tricks on unsuspecting family and friends. However, when you or others play tricks on your four-legged friend, the consequences can be dangerous. Fortunately, you can safely “treat” your pet to fun Halloween activities. See how common Halloween scenarios stack up as unpleasant tricks or delightful treats [...]

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Understanding Your Pet’s Blood Work

Blood work is perhaps the most informative diagnostic service available in veterinary medicine. At Walnut Creek Veterinary Hospital, we routinely perform blood work for sick, healthy, and pre-operative pets to diagnose illness, determine a baseline, detect early disease, and ensure pets are healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and surgery. But, although blood work provides your [...]

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