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Struck by Heatstroke: How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Summer Weather

As a Texan, you know how scorching hot the summer can get, making it downright miserable to be outside. However, your furry pal still needs to head outdoors to take care of business and to exercise. High temperatures and humidity increase your pet’s risk of heatstroke, so our Walnut Creek Vet Hospital team answers common [...]

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5 Ways to Help Your Pet Cope with Noise Aversion

Noise aversion, which is defined as a fear reaction to a sudden, loud sound, affects roughly two-thirds of dogs, although underdiagnosis is likely because many pet owners do not mention the signs to their veterinarian. If your pet—cats can be affected by noise aversion, too—displays the following signs when they hear a loud sound, they [...]

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Now ’Ear This—Chronic Ear Infections in Pets

Chronic (i.e., recurring) ear infections can negatively affect your pet’s quality of life. Without prompt and targeted treatment, what begins as a minor battle can rapidly become a full-on war against resistant bacteria, damaging inflammation, and middle ear disorders.    If your pet suffers from chronic ear issues, don’t give up—help is on the way with [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts to Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

Unfortunately, pets have much shorter lifespans than humans, and saying goodbye to your four-legged family member is extremely difficult. Our team at Walnut Creek Veterinary Hospital wants to help by providing do’s and don’ts to prolong your pet’s life.  DO spay or neuter your pet Spay and neuter procedures not only help control the pet [...]

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The Coughing Pet

Sometimes healthy pets cough as a natural response to an irritant inside the respiratory tract, but some causes can be serious for pets. Our team at Walnut Creek Veterinary Hospital wants to provide information about what causes pets to cough, and when you should be concerned. The coughing dog If your pet coughs but otherwise [...]

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Missed Opportunities—Is Your Cat Peeing Outside the Box?

If your cat is suddenly urinating outside the litter box, you may feel confused and frustrated—why would a previously easygoing, well-behaved pet suddenly decide to take their business elsewhere? While you may be shocked that your favorite rug is now your cat’s preferred deposit spot, know that your cat isn’t doing this in spite. At [...]

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Medicating Techniques For Every Pet Personality

Our team at Walnut Creek Veterinary Hospital knows that every pet is unique, and we take time to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that meets their needs. If we prescribe your pet medication, we will provide detailed information about dosage and administration––but, let’s be real––convincing Fido to simply “open wide” for their medication is about [...]

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